Toyz R We

Meet my new toy obsession: Star Wars Galactic Heroes. They’re sooooo cyoooooot! They’re made for lil sprogs who’re too young to get real action figures, but I’ll tell ya, I like the Galactic Heroes better than the real figures! Just look at them, they’re so adorable and cuddly! They do such a bad job of making the regular action figs look like the actors, that you might at well get these instead. At least they’re cute, like the actors. ;) I mean, the Han one even has a lil’ smirk plastered on his cute lil’ face! Awww! Other great things about them: they take up less space than real figs, AND they aren’t constantly falling over. What can I say, they just bring a big grin to my face. I picked up the Han & Leia set at Target on Sunday, and last night we went to Toys R Us where I bought Obi-Wan & Grievous, Anakin & Dooku, and Emporer & Yoda. I just wuv em.

Know what else I got? DVDs. I dunno why, but for some weird reason at Toys R Us they had a bunch of old movies on DVD in cheapo editions. I picked up Orson Welles in The Stranger and Gary Cooper in A Farewell to Arms for a mere $2 each! Now I’ll have some entertainment to bring along when I go out of town for my bi-annual Stupid Meeting next week.

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