Weekend Workerbees

Had a very not-fun weekend full of home improvements. Originally, we’d planned to patch up all the crumbling cement of our front steps this weekend, but now we have the bird family living out there, and we didn’t want to keep Mom Bird scared away from her nest for the whole weekend. So, that project was put off once again. And knowing Pittsburgh, it will rain every single weekend for the rest of the summer and we’ll never be able to do it.

Instead we caught up on a ton of other little things that needed doing:
Washed the car, swept up the 75bajillion maple propeller things from the patio and driveway, hung up a new garden hose hanger, replaced the broken motion detector light, painted the ceilings of the stairway and dining room, put in a new light fixture in the kitchen, hung some track lights in the living room. Helped round up Crack Family’s dog a few tims because she kept escaping from their yard. There might be more, but maybe I’m blocking it. Anyway, I’m glad these things are done but it was the sort of weekend that makes you so happy it’s Monday. Damn.

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