Birth Announcement

That chickadee who took up residence in our not-really-a-birdhouse birdhouse decided to stick around after all. Some time in the past 2 or 3 days, her eggs hatched! Now when we go out of our front door, we can hear all the cyooot little peeps! Awww. We’re leery of freaking the mom bird out though, so for the next few weeks we’re gonna be using our back door. I just have to hope the mailman doesn’t bug her too much.

BW and I are really happy that the furry (and feathered) critter population on our property is going up, while the human population on it stays the same. :) Our yard is the only one for blocks and blocks where the lil baby critters are safe from dogs and sprogs, so maybe that’s why they’re taking up residence here? (No offense to dogs, but ya gotta admit they would chomp up those bitty chipmunks if they had a chance.) No matter the reason, it’s cool!

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  1. LOUP Says:

    I have all of my feeders and such in the front away from the dogs but the birds and critters around here are pretty smart. They know when the dogs aren’t out it is safe and come by collect pine cones and what-not. Also before I let them out I make the dogs wait so I can make sure there aren’t any stragglers. = )

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