What’s Up?

Not a helluva lot.

Pretty boring weekend. BW was away working on his cycle, so I was (insert McCauley Culkin face) home alone. I had a coupon for Borders, so BW dropped me there on his way out of town and I picked up some books, but they didn’t have anything from my Amazon wish list. So I got the latest Sharpe book, a cheapo clearance copy of Master & Commander, and Eragon, which Loupy tells me is good.

Saturday, because I live in the damn burbs, I had to take a BUS out to get a Frappucino! :P Wouldn’t have been so bad if it hadn’t been raining, and I hadn’t missed my return bus. Then I stayed in and started reading my new stuff, and BW got back.

Sunday, the Pittsburgh alt.support.childfree contingent (which consists pretty much of me, BW, and Marci) went for mmmmmm-nummy brunch at Casbah with out-of-town visiting CFer Brenda and her DH. Brenda is one of those folks who’s been part of ascf forEVER, and she was quite nice and we had a pleasant time. Too bad more folk don’t travel through this area.

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