Ma’ biz-naz

Some people have been asking me whatever happened with that possible offer of full-time work that I had, so here’s the update.

At this point, it looks like my boss and I have reached a compromise. I will be adding about 10 hours to my week, but not going totally full-time. He is out of town constantly at meetings and conferences, so what he really wants is just for someone to pick up his slack and keep stuff from piling up while he’s away. To do this, I’ll have to learn some new things, and physically go into the office slightly more often than I do now, but I think it should still be pretty easy. So it works out well; I’ll still get a nice extra chunk of change to help us move away from CM, but without the burden of being a full-time wage slave.

Granted, my boss is such a ditzy flake that it’s still totally possible that he’ll either forget or change his mind about this. I won’t really believe it until he re-writes my job description, signs it, and submits it for renewal. That wont’ happen till summer, and the changes won’t take affect until Sept. So we’ll see. For now I’ll be cautiously optimistic.

3 Responses to “Ma’ biz-naz”

  1. LOUP Says:

    It’s good to have hope but remain cautious. But I will keep my toes crossed for that extra chunk o’ change.

  2. serhaex Says:

    Finger crossed. Charms in place. Hexes ready.

  3. LOUP Says:

    Just wanted to let you know LK is going to get Elvis on DVD for yah this weekend minus ‘mercials … and I picked up another Mary Stewart book today (The Stormy Petrel) at another book sale. I’ll ship it all off on Monday. = )

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