JRM Has Left the Building

The JRM Elvis movie wrapped up last night. The movie was extremely shallow (how can you cover almost the whole life of E in under 4 hours?), and fairly sanitized because it was approved by the Presleys…but man o man that JRM!!! He was perfect. And does that boy ever know how ta work it! I was telling Loup that I think he should maybe give up acting and become a rock star. He keeps getting cast as them, and he does have the gift for it. I felt like I should scream and faint throughout the movie. :)

JRM was so damn convincing, in fact, that at the very end of the show when they flashed up a nice pic of the real Elvis, I had a moment of cognitive dissonance. JRM made me almost forget what Elvis actually looked like! Freaky. Anyway, the last half of the movie was so depressing. The life of Elvis is such a tragedy, I can’t even bear to think about it for long.
*augh* Ahhh…I’m thinking about it, I must stop! Anyway, I look forward to getting my copy of the Tivo’d Elvis soon, then I can just watch the cheerful bits.

Meanwhile, I’ve been really slammed with work the past few days, so if you don’t see me online that’s why. Catch y’all later!

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