Family Friendly

More Breeders in the Neighborhood
Of the cute variety! Seems like some of the many chipmunks who live in the retaining wall behind our house are actually CHICKmunks, because today we saw two baby chipmunks foraging outside with their moms! They’re so cyooooot! So tiny with their itty-bitty tails, and wittle ears, and totally miniscule little paws! BW and I sat and watched them for ages and practically woodgie-coo’d ourselves into diabetic comas. Wish I had pics, but we couldn’t get close enough.

Besides them, we’ve had a decorative birdhouse hanging beside our front door since shortly after we moved in. It’s purely for decoration, not a real birdhouse, and there’s obviously a lot of traffic with us going in and out. Despite all that, a chicakdee moved in a while ago! I saw her building the nest, but then didn’t see her around for a while and I figured she gave up on it. But yesterday we peeked in and saw a tailfeather, and it was moving. Couldn’t see much more than that, but I think she might be in there sitting on eggs. I’ll let you know if anything develops.

Now those are breeders I don’t mind sharing my space with!!

Today’s the Day! ELVIS! 9:00PM on CBS!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen,
The time has come!
Time has come to talk
To that little bit of Elvis inside of you.

Talk to it!
Call it up!
Say “Elvis, heal me!”
“Save me, Elvis!”
“Make me be born again
in the perfect Elvis light”
–Mojo Nixon

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  1. LOUP Says:

    OMG .. I watched until the first commercial break then had to walk away. He is just TOO delicious and I am just too tired. Will blog all about my weekend with the Humpday Hottie later!!

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