Three Years

gulli_4-25-2002 copy

Miss you, little Gulli.  You are never forgotten.

I wish you were here with us still, so you could have met Ed, and Barrett, and Seamus.  Your kindness would have made their moving in with us that much easier.  Making new friends was your favorite thing (besides dessert), and I know that you would have won all their hearts and happily shared your home (and cuddles) with them.

Hope they have lots of cupcakes and cheese where you and Mr. Gandalf are.  Give him a lick from me and Dad.  Love you, pumpkin.

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  1. mom Says:

    I miss Gulli so much. He was the most affectionate cat ever. Gulli’s and Gandlf’s picture are here by my computer and I give them a “hi” every day I like to think there is a kitty heaven and they are always with us.

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