One Year


One year ago was the worst day of my life.

I still look around for you sometimes, out of the corner of my eye.  I imagine what you would have had to say about things.  When I sit down to read a book, if I close my eyes for a moment I can still feel you sitting there behind me, looking over my shoulder.  Still waiting, but this has not happened yet:

Anyway, we’re managing ok, but I wish you were here to supervise all of the packing and moving we’re doing, and I’m sorry you weren’t around for the home inspection.  I tried to remember everything you used to know about such things; I think I did alright.  Don’t worry…Dad won’t screw up any of the home improvements in the new place…I think he’ll feel you over his shoulder too.  Barrett is keeping the new dog in check, and Ed is just ignoring it, you’d be real pleased with them both.

Hope you’re having fun, Mithrandir.  Say hello to Lee Van Cleef.


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  1. mom Says:

    I miss you Gandalf. You were the first special kitty in our lives and I too think
    of you a lot. It broke my heart when I said “goodbye” to you. I love you.

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