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A sad farewell to Roger Ebert.

He was our go-to critic.  When BW and I were undecided about whether we should take a chance on a movie and critical opinion was split, we’d invariably ask one another, “What did Ebert say?”  I didn’t always agree with him, but I always respected his opinion, and I always learned something from his reviews.  He was that rarest of creatures: a movie critic who could write well.  I’d recommend his book The Great Movies to anyone who wants a solid education about all of the movies that really matter.  His negative reviews were delicious and savory morsels that I relished reading and made me yearn to be able to write bad reviews that were half as good.

In these days of movie blogs and websites where fevered argument about the style of Batman’s belt-buckle passes for film criticism, Roger Ebert was a gem.  Informed, learned, literary movie criticism is indeed a dying art form and has lost one of its Great Masters.  Soon we’re going to be all alone in the ever-darker wilderness of terrible movies without a trustworthy guide to see us safely through.  Roger, your voice of intelligence and reason will be deeply missed.

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