Gimmie a ‘W’, gimme a ‘T’, gimmie an ‘F’!

What’s it spell? DUMBASS!

Days like today, I hate the internet.  Because every so often you encounter someone online whose opinions are just so friggin’ dumb, they force me into having to defend things that I hate.  Sometimes it’s Catholicism, but today it’s the Oscars.  Mind you, I have nothing against the Oscars as a concept.  Hand out rewards for the best filmmakers and actors of the year?  Fine with me.  Televise it so we can enjoy the pretty people?  Cool.  I just hate the format, the execution, the voting process that rewards mediocrity and overlooks real art time and again.  But it’s a damn fine idea at heart.

Some people disagree.  Today on Facebook, some guys  (a “friend”, who isn’t even really my friend just a familial obligation, and his friend, who I don’t even know) were bitching along the lines of, “Waaggh, the Oscars are so stupid! It’s a bunch of millionaires congratulating themselves! Waaahhhg, why do people want to watch that?! “  Now, where the asininity and hypocrisy comes into play here is that both of these guys are huge sports fans.  I’m sure you can figure out where this is leading.

So I say, “It’s no more stupid than billionaires paying grown men millions to run after a ball/puck, then charging the public hundreds for the privilege of watching it.”  Now is it?  (And while I’m on my high horse, the Oscars aren’t publicly funded. Ahem.)

And Friend of Friend counters with, “It’s different because they aren’t all patting themselves on the back.”

What the fuck flavor of crack do you smoke, Friend of Friend?!?

Every major sport (and minor ones too) has it’s own annual awards ceremony, complete with red carpet.  Ever heard of the Heisman Trophy? The NHL Awards? Ever seen an Olympic gold medal ceremony?? Hello?!? The only difference is the amount of tv coverage, and the fact that unlike actors, most athletes look like ass in suits.

Not only that, but what about sports Halls of Fame?  These people sometimes quite literally build shrines to their own “achievements.”


And they charge steep admission fees to come in and look at some guy’s old used jock strap (under plexiglass!) and gaze in awe at the trophies they award to themselves.

2009 NFL - 2009 Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement at Fawcett Stadium - August 8, 2009

If that isn’t the height of self-congratulatory narcissism, then what IS, I ask you?  And if we want to complain about big-budget, over-produced cheeseball spectacles, any Olympic Opening Ceremony makes the Oscars look like a small family gathering.  Conspicuous waste?  They’ve got that covered.

And at the bottom of it, what is wrong with the practitioners of a field rewarding achievements in their field, now matter how “stupid”?  If it’s not your thing, don’t watch it.  But don’t pretend that your thing is any better.

Being an idiot is one thing, but hypocrisy really gets on my nerves.



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