And the number of the counting shall be Three


Happy 3rd birthday to my favorite kitty, Ed, Eddard, Eddie, Eddie-spaghetti, S’ghetti-cat!

Seems like only yesterday when Fortune (thanks Gulli!) sent little Ed Chigliak-Greer (aka Pretty Boy *eye roll*) wandering into our path.  Since that start and after a nerve-wracking period as a kitten hellion, Eddie has matured into a surprisingly mellow grown-up.  A lap-cat with us, but reserved with strangers.  Playful with Barrett, but not exhausting.  He’s totally grown out of his aggressive phase and, like his namesake, seems perfectly content to go with the flow and enjoy watching the world go by.  Ed is a sensitive boy and more likely to be troubled by changes and stress, which is why brave little Barrett is the ideal pal/bodyguard for him.

Since Gandalf’s passing, the all-important role of The Grey Cat has fallen to Ed.  He’s slowing easing into it and bringing his own talents to the job.  Whereas G was a project manager and co-conspirator, Ed is more of a sounding-board.  Gandalf liked ninjas and samurai and potato chips; Ed likes extreme sports, the internet, and graham crackers, and has shown no interest in home improvement projects.

No mater how he goes about it, I know our family wouldn’t be our family without a grey cat in it.  Thanks Ed, and happy birthday.

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  1. mom Says:

    Myrna is on my lap reading this with me. She says “happy birthday’ to Ed.

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