X Games Pep Rally 2013


I don’t know what my feelings are doing with this picture, I really don’t.

Anyway, it’s that time of year again that no one cares about but me: Winter X Games!  But I care enough for all three of you readers.

X Games is extra important this year, because we’re leading up to Winter Olympics 2014 and everyone participating in snowboard competitions now is racking up points to qualify for the Olympics.  Obviously, I think it’s safe to say that Flying Fox will qualify for the Olympics.  But there’s another reason why stakes are higher in 2013 — slopestyle.

Slopestyle is basically downhill snowboarding with tricks, as opposed to the superpipe which everyone knows from the Olympics.  Shaun used to compete in both years ago until he decided to concentrate totally on pipe, because that was the Olympic event.  But in 2014, slopestyle will be added to Olympic competition.  And Shaun, being Shaun, wants medals in both.  :)  He tried to get back into slopestyle in last year’s X Games, and it was obvious that he was lagging behind everyone.  The “too old”, “sellout”, “not a real snowboarder”, and all the usual slurs were bandied about by the usual jealous tools.  Then he had an injury and had to bow out.  Of course, the haters said that the injury was fake, and that Foxy just couldn’t stand to be made to look bad by a bunch of young upcoming slope kids.  For all I know, that’s true, but either way it’s good.  What I do know is that Shaun is constitutionally  incapable of allowing anyone to be better than him at snowboard.  So he has gone off, he has put in some serious practice on slopestyle, done whatever alchemy he does, and he is probably going to show up this week with some never-before-done by humankind trick.

Because he feels obligated to.  And that’s why the haters will never touch him.

Now let’s kick off with a little untraditional Pep Rally music…

Skateboards….I almost made them respectable.

You think you’re immune, but I can sell you anything.

I’m the man.

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