Year One


It’s been one full year since we adopted “Archie”, still sneezing and coughing from a URI, from Animal Friends.

In many ways, it’s been a hard year and having Barrett hasn’t always been easy.  (That URI took months to finally clear up all the way, for one thing!) But if I had a dollar for every time I’ve thought to myself or said to BW, “I’m glad Barrett’s here”, I would have a very tall stack of bills.  His “youthful exuberance” provided a much-needed counterpoint to the sadness of Gandalf’s slow decline.  Most of all because he has been such a help and a good friend to Ed.  Ed is very sensitive and reserved, and tends toward clingyness and I simply don’t know how hard he would have taken both Gandalf’s death and my going back to work without B’s company.  And he coaxes Ed to play, which is not always the easiest thing to do.  Nothing makes me happier than watching them tear around on their nightly chase scenes together.

Barrett’s original “promotional blurb” at the shelter said,

“Archie, upon first meeting has been known to welcome you with a squirm-fest of joy.  He loves to roll on his back, look at you with his bright emerald eyes, and proceed to wiggle and nudge himself right into your heart.  His chest is marked with a large white diamond, just in case you need reminding that he is a gem!

An active entertainer, Archie, at play, will perform some leaping antics for his amusement and yours.  His paws are small and delicate, his panther-like stealth reminiscent of an Animal Planet episode.

His former owner says he likes “all people”, other cats, treats, and his scratching post.

Sadly, you may miss out on meeting such a great companion.  Black cats tend to go unnoticed.  Give this jewel of a cat a second look today.  Ask an adoption counselor if Archie is right for you.  He may just wrap you around his little paw!”

Verbose, maybe.  But every word has proven true.

Shine on, my little friend.

2 Responses to “Year One”

  1. LOUP Says:

    Yay for rescued animals! They bring so much joy. Glad you are home Barrett, you deserve it!!

  2. GB Says:

    Barrett is a beauty. You’re both lucky.

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