B is for Birthday


Today is Barrett Benedict’s Birthday!  Or so we have decreed.

Naturally, since B came from a shelter, we have no idea of his birth date or even his real age.  All we have to go on is that the folks who surrendered him (at the end of Oct.2011) said they’d had him for 11 months.  We now think they probably owned him from early kittenhood, so…a January birthday.  And it so happens that Mister Syd Barrett’s birthday is Jan.6.  It’s a done deal!

As for Barrett’s age…no idea.  We keep adjusting it backwards so he grows younger the longer he lives with us.  He was absolutely NOT three when we adopted him nearly a year ago like the shelter said!  So we started thinking two? Maybe a year and a half? But given how much he was grown and filled out since he’s been with us, we’re now thinking that he may only have been one year old at adoption.  So

We love you, Barretts.  Happy 2nd, or 3rd, and 67th birthdays!

2 Responses to “B is for Birthday”

  1. mom Says:

    What a cute picture!! Happy Birthday Barrett. I miss you.

  2. vickie Says:

    Barrett was so fortunate to find a wonderful home!

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