Point/Counter Point

So this happened yesterday.

And at first I was all….

But in all seriousness, I’m not surprised.  I think that Shaun has been preparing us (and himself) for this for a while now by wearing his hair back and up a LOT lately.  So we’re all sort of visually used to it.  Also, he seems like he’s been trying to age up his look a bit, dressing less like Robert Plant and more like Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  Can’t hate on that*. (Hi, Joe!)



So there’s NO, I repeat NO cause for alarm.  We’ll just need to sit back and wait to discover whether this move will, like our old friend James Hetfield, deprive the Flying Fox of all of his talent and charisma.  My money’s on “No.”

*[Edit: No disrespect towards Mr. Plant intended.  What I mean to say is that Shaun can't go wrong taking either of those two fine gentlemen as his fashion icon.]

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