Nala’s Tale, Conclusion

Of all the things I did not expect, I did not expect a Frank Capra ending for Nala’s story.

But let me back up…

Saturday we went to Animal Friends to visit Nala, and to hopefully convince my mom to adopt her.  We saw that Nala was happy and healthy and enjoying herself in the cat colony room, where she could watch birds and chill in a cubby hole.  My mom met her perfect cat match in “Syrilla”, now Myrna.  I want my mom to be happy in her choice of pet, so we didn’t try to force Nala upon her.

Instead, we chose to underwrite Nala’s adoption fee, in the hopes that would encourage someone to take a second look at her.  Then we went home.

A few days later, we were feeling guilt about leaving Nala, even though she was so well off.  We thought we might go and get her on Wednesday.  That afternoon, I talked to my friend Janet…who is even more cat-centric than I am.  Janet told me that we should not feel any guilt, that we had done everything to put Nala on a path to a good future, and that if we adopted her out of duty, she wouldn’t find her real forever home.  This gave me food for thought.  then BW came home and said that although we’d be happy to have Nala join our family, he felt we ought to give her a little more time to allow someone else to “discover” her.  So we didn’t go, and I figured we’d probably give it a few days before we gave up and got her.

Now I know that on the very same day, possibly while we were having that conversation, Nala was being picked out and adopted!

On Thanksgiving night, I checked Animal Friends’ website and… Nala.  I tried it again.  And again.  I hit Reload probably 6 times thinking that surely something was wrong.  I felt a thrill of hope, quickly followed by terror: what if she had gotten sick and been taken off of the adoption floor??  what if she had been adopted, but by the wrong family?  People with kids?  People who’d let her outside?

There was no way to know until 11:00 Friday when the shelter reopened.

Friday morning, still no Nala on the site.

At about 11:02am Friday, I called Animal Friends and they told me that she had been adopted at 3:16pm Wednesday.  And here’s the Frank Capra part: she was adopted by a married couple with no kids, and with two other kitties at home!  And the family were previous adopters, so they’d passed muster at AF’s screening process before and so must know how to take care of cats properly!  It’s practically as if she was adopted by us!

I have been fighting down tears of joy since then.  I am SO happy for you, baby girl.  I couldn’t have hoped for better for you.  We will miss you, and think of you often.  I wish you a life of love.

Oh, and I have to mention and…when we were donating her adoption fee, they asked if it was in honor or memory of anyone, so we said in honor of Gulliver Flynn Greer.  Thank you Gulli.  I’m positive you had a hand in this.  You are the only angel that I believe in.

Go on wit’ yourself Miss Nala!


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