Nala’s Tale

This is the update on Nala the Porch Cat, who was “owned” by my neglectful Jerry Springer neighbors, the same people who lost Ed.  Having been through this past week, I’m more convinced than ever that Ed was saved from a terrible fate and sent to us by a higher power (thanks, Gulli!)

We (along with our next door neighbors the old Italian lady, her daughter, and the teens) had been feeding Nala all summer, and she often slept on our porch furniture.  As the nights turned colder, we repurposed a used nightstand/cabinet as a shelter for her.  It was lined with carpet tiles and stuffed with towels and a heated bed.  She spent every night, to the best of my knowledge, sleeping in that box.  I don’t know if she ever spent a night indoors at her “home”, but she would still run up to her house when she saw her “family” coming and going.  But she invariably returned to my porch; they clearly made no attempt to take her in.  Their driveway faces across to my house — they knew she was always at my house, or the neighbors’ — they knew where to find her — they never came to claim her.  I would have welcomed it if one of them stormed up to me and demanded that I give their cat back, because it would have shown an interest.

BW and I have been waffling on whether or not to take Nala indoors and “officially” steal her once winter came.  We weren’t truly inclined to, for many reasons:  She has a microchip, registered to the Assholes.  I still, despite everything I said, consider getting a dog.  We didn’t know if she was carrying any bugs or diseases.  Lots of reasons.  And most of all we have our trip coming up, so we decided that all pet-related decisions would be put off until afterward.

But then she got sick.  Last week, her third eyelid began protruding and it progressed in just days (well before we could get a vet appointment) into a severe infection.  If you’ve been following on Facebook, you know the drama. On Monday, we took her to our local iffy vet.  We were given antibiotics, eye drops, and ointment.  We corralled her in our basement for treatment, but I think it was all too late.  As of this writing, we think her eye has ruptured and will need to be removed.  We are cursing ourselves out for not making more effort to get her to the vet last week.

Meantime, I ALSO called the Humane Officer at Animal Friends.  I’d called before and reported them for neglect during the summer.  At that time, the Officer came, talked to Asshole Mama, was given the usual bullshit story (“Oh we just can’t keep her inside, she always gets out.”), and couldn’t prove any neglect was happening.

The Officer returned on Tuesday, spoke to Asshole Daddy, got the same bullshit story, plus an admission that they knew about the infection and hadn’t done anything.  She also saw Nala, and how sick she is, and talked at length to my neighbor who backed up my story and showed all the meds that we’d bought, the receipt, and closeup pictures of Nala’s eye.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t grab Nala, so they issued Assholes a warning: they had one day to get her inside and either 1. take her to a vet themselves or 2. reimburse the money we’d spent or else be cited with neglect, fined, and hauled into court.

Now you would think this, if nothing else, would make them wanna take the cat inside the house.

Nope.  We weren’t home from work for an hour before she turned up on our porch.  (Thank ELVIS, because the thought of her inside their filthy house with an infected eye made wanna slit throats!)

So again we grabbed her, and she spent the night and day in our basement, and took some more meds.  The Officer was supposed to come and seize her on Wednesday afternoon, so BW and I made sure to leave work early and then proceeded to sit on our porch (with Nala) for 3 hours while no one showed up.  (During which time we saw the Assholes come home, and their daughter walked right past us on her way home from school.)  Soon as it got dark, we brought Nala back inside, and it was shortly after that that her eye ruptured.

Wed. night was one of the most stressful we’ve spent probably since Gandalf passed.  Nala’s eye was draining/discharging, and BW made countless trips to the basement to clean her face.  Honestly, I think the eye was far gone and even if she had gotten to the shelter the result would have been the same.  The one good note is that, with the pressure/swelling of the bulging eye gone, and the gunk draining out, Nala seems to act like she feels a little better.

And now today, Thursday.  BW called in sick (again) so he could either take her to the vet (which is technically illegal since we technically don’t own her) or wait for the Human Officer.  The Officer called at 9:15 and said that, due to emergencies in the suburbs, she didn’t even get back to the shelter until 8:00 last night but she would head out immediately.  (Note: how fucking sick is it that there are so many humane “emergencies” in this godsforsaken redneck hellhole county?)

10:35.  Just heard from BW that Nala went of with the Humane Officer.  She and he were sitting outside, and the Officer came and just quietly collected her.  Assholes were not at home, so no drama ensued, but they will be served with their citation soon.  I hope they don’t pay it, and get into even more trouble.  I think we should bring back stocks and public floggings.  What I want is An Eye For An Eye.  Very literally.

I will miss our little houseguest, but at least we can rest easy she is being cared for while we’re away.  I plan to call and check up on her next week.  After that, after vacation, who knows?  There will be a sweet, petite, and feisty (probably one-eyed) girl at Animal Friends in need of a home, that I do know.

Meanwhile, download this Nala flyer and spread it around. NALA2



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  1. Nancy Castellow Says:

    Thank you for doing this for her, I wish more people cared like you do.

  2. Suan Says:

    Phil and I can empathize with what you’re going through. We sometimes wonder why idiot people have animals, too. FWIW you’ve taken the best possible care of Nala under the circumstances. She can’t thank you for that, but I can.

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