Some Walk by Night, Some Fly by Day

This is most unusual.  Looper was my most-anticipated movie of 2012, and….it did not disappoint.

I can’t remember the last time that happened.

In a nutshell, Looper is the movie that Inception wished it was:  an original, highly intelligent piece of mind-screwing sci-fi/action.  UNlike Inception, Looper never drags, or gets bogged down in its own levels of convolution, has better acting and dialog, a world that seems real, and fully-realized human characters who we can care about.  These last few have everything to do with that fact that Looper was written and directed by Rian Johnson, who is not only a great storyteller but a keen observer of humans (among his best efforts was the brilliant “teen noir” Brick, also starring JGL.  If you haven’t seen Brick, FOR FUCK’S SAKE, SEE BRICK!!)  Whereas I’m pretty sure that Christopher Nolan is an android.

I can’t really tell you any more about the story of Looper than you already know from the official promo material.  To do otherwise would ruin the wonderful sense that I had, and I assume you will too, of being drawn into the movie, fully engaged with the plot, and taken in directions in which you completely did not expect to go.

Acting was great all across the board.  My only quibble was that I didn’t buy Emily Blunt (who I quite like) as maternal.  Between this film and Moonrise Kingdom, I have newfound respect for Bruce Willis and the choices he’s been making.  Going out and lending his support and big name to independent, quirky directors’ projects instead of sitting back and wallowing in his Expendables 11 and Die Hard Umpteen money is a really admirable thing.  Good on ya, Bruno!

Anyway, now that I’ve given Looper my wholehearted endorsement as a quality cinematic delight, I can engage in the shallow stuff.

JGL! My sweet JGL, your face, what have they done?!?  Yeah, yeah.  I completely understand that they had to try to make JGL look like Bruce, but still….what a terrible waste of JGL’s face.  Quelle tragique.  And at the end of the day (and the movie), I’m not convinced that they did a very good job.  In certain light, at certain angles, yes they created a resemblance.  Good job on the nose and mouth but, really?  Did nobody watch Moonlighting for research?  David Addison didn’t look like that!  What was up with those 1950′s Joan Crawford/silent movie actor eyebrows?! At times JGL looked like a department store mannequin, the makeup on his brows and forehead was so heavy, and it pulled me out of the movie.  Maybe hi-def digital is to blame; it really makes makeup look like makeup.  (Isn’t the point of hi def to make movies look more real, not less? Get on this, tech people.)

Correction — ONE person did pull a Moonlighting marathon:  Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  He may not have always looked like Bruce Willis, but damn did he ever nail the mannerisms, facial ticks, inflections, everything.  Almost made the makeup superfluous.  Makes me wish that on his most recent Saturday Night Live stint, rather than the Dos Equis beer spoof he did, JGL had sung to us about Seagram’s Golden Wine Coolers.

It’s wet and it’s dry.

Edit: My gawd, what have I done? THIS WON’T LEAVE MY BRAIN!!

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  1. LOUP Says:

    Now that you mention it .. Blunt is not maternal. I saw her on The Jonathan Ross Show the other day and she really nails american hick accents. I love her. But I don’t know if it is my complete distaste for Piper Perabo but every scene she was in skeeved me out. LK adores her and watches that lame spy show she is in. (Why Christopher Gorham WHY?!?!)

    Anyhow – I dug Looper immensely and you are spot on about Bruce. I love that he is doing his thing being a general BAMF at everything. Excuse me now I must go find the Seagram’s ad on youtube to bask in 80s Willis.

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