Is This White Boy Day?

You’ve probably heard by now that director Tony Scott committed suicide this weekend.

I’m not saddened by Tony’s choice, but I am saddened that we have lost a reliable filmmaker.  Those are on far too short a supply.  I thought his work was always solid; he made a few really great films (True Romance), several good ones, and none that I can say were truly terrible.  Seeing his name in a trailer always made me want to take a second look, to consider, “Hey, this movie might be ok after all…”

Overall, I’d say his track record and the quality of his work was more consistent than brother Ridley’s, though less praised by the critics.  There are quite a few Ridley Scott movies that I NEVER want to sit through again.  I can’t say that about any of Tony’s work.

Tony Scott would have made a good director at a big studio back in the Golden Age.  He turned out entertaining, crowd-pleasing films consistently, he had a visual flair, and he really knew how to make the most of his stars.

And now he has earned a further big dose of respect from me.  Tony chose to not allow cancer to dictate the terms of his life.  He refused to give it that power, instead he chose his own time to die, on his terms.  Would that we could all have that strength when faced with a situation like that.  More power to you, Mr. Scott.

And thank you for giving us these…. and many more.



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