Mr. G’s Favorites Day 5

I’m going to wrap this up by saving the best for last.  If anyone has sat through all of these posts, thank you.  And thanks to everyone for the kind outpouring of support you’ve shown.

Gandalf didn’t make films, but if he did, they’d have a Samurai.  I like to think that he followed the way of the Bushido, and here is his absolute icon:  Toshiro Mifune.

“Study the soul to know the sword.”

Your soul was a fine-tempered one, G.  Love you.

2 Responses to “Mr. G’s Favorites Day 5”

  1. Boy Wonder Says:

    Everyone loved Mr. Gandalf. If they didn’t, they were not worth the time of day.

  2. Rach Says:

    Well said! He would approve of the tribute! :)

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