Wanted to let everyone know that we have made the difficult decision to allow our beloved Gandalf to “pass into the West”, as it were, on this Friday morning.

There is no one particular issue I can point to, rather there has been a systematic decline that has picked up momentum in the past few months.   A combination of his cancer symptoms worsening, plus his arthritis, plus the effects of being on Prednisolone for over two years.  While it has given him two more years of life and helped ease his arthritis, Pred is a very grueling drug which has left him with serious Cushing’s Disease (muscle wasting and adrenal failure) after such long-term use.  We think that the effects of the Pred, coupled with the arthritis and other issues are now finally taxing his body beyond a tolerable point.  He is very clearly weakened and is beginning to have more bad days than good.

However, he still has some quality of life yet but we choose to err on the side of too soon rather than too late and regret causing him undue suffering.  We have always wanted him to go while he still had some purrs left in him, and that he does.  And being Gandalf, he should leave us with his dignity and grace intact — it is what he would demand.

We haven’t said anything about this earlier, because we wanted to keep it as quiet and dignified a process as possible.  Although the idea of a future without Gandalf is nearly inconceivable, we are as at peace with this decision as we can be.

Though everyone in our house looks like this.

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  1. Kirk Kitsch Says:

    I’m so sorry, Cheryl. It’s a heartbreaking decision to have to make. One of my life regrets is not doing it with my cat, Risky. I was selfish and couldn’t bring myself to do it, but I’ve always, ALWAYS regretted it.

    All my sympathy. Give Gandalf lots of kisses for me. :(

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