Snow Monkey

Yesterday I was treated to something I haven’t “enjoyed” in some time: an hour-or-so of screaming Crack Monkey!

Yeah, 10 degrees outside, and he’s out “playing”, if you can call it that. Would that he could have frozen all his limbs off. Anyway, here’s Crack Monkey’s Winter Fun routine:

Tramp about the yard purposelessly.
Climb up onto jungle gym; hurl plastic toys off of jungle gym.
Scoop up small mound of snow.
Punch it down.
Scoop it up again.
Stomp up and down on it.
Scoop it again.
Kick at it.
Scream all the while.

Which led me to reflect back and make an observation: I have never once seen CM engaged in creative play. Everything he does is destructive. With the lovely snow, he could have BUILT a snowman, a fort, anything at all. But instead, he chose to destroy. The summer is the same, he’s always hitting stuff with sticks, or otherwise destroying things for fun. (My sanity being top of the list.) I’ve never seen him act out any roleplaying or imaginative scenario, or do ANYTHING other than break stuff and scream. I’m no child psychiatrist, but that just can’t be right, can it?

Not only is the boy a fucking ‘tard, he has no imagination either.

On the other hand, he’ll be a great Republican presidential candidate in 25 years.

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