Job Update: Final Edition

So, I have a job again.

All of the levels of Kafkaness were gotten through, and I received the official offer phone call yesterday afternoon.  Much to my great surprise, my future supervisor managed to wrangle the highest starting salary level for me out of H.R.  She must have some dirt on someone, somewhere.

Now I can finally tell you what the job is!

It’s a part-time job at University of Pittsburgh in the Center for Philosophy of Science.

WTF is that? You may well ask.

It’s basically a Think Tank.  Pitt’s Philosophy and “History and Philosophy of Science” departments are both ranked among the best in the world, so scholars in those fields naturally want to come and study here.  The CPS is not a teaching department, but a place that gives out fellowships/stipends to interested researchers, who then come and spend a term or two thinking Deep Thoughts in PGH.  There are lectures and seminars and whathaveyou held throughout the year to help provide an “intellectually stimulating” environment.  So I get to hang out with philosophers and scientists instead of librarians — UPGRADE.

My job within this atmosphere is more-or-less Tech Support Ninja.  I will be managing/redeveloping the Center website, making sure that the visiting scholars have working Pitt email accounts and up to date software, etc.  And of course, “other duties as required.”

The office is located in the Cathedral of Learning, and is actually pretty nice.  From what I’ve seen so far, my co-workers are pretty nice too.  My direct supervisor is a woman who told me that she intentionally scales back her own work hours to be with her dogs, and that she fully identified with my reasons for not wanting full-time work.  The Center director is a laid-back British chap.

It will take a lot of getting used to, leaving the house to go to work.  But the hours per day are short, and the benefits are good, and I used it as an excuse to buy myself a Shaun White / Burton backpack to carry my lunch and iPad in.  So although I’ve got some angst, it’s not out of hand.

But wish me luck anyway.

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  1. LOUP Says:

    Sounds like a win. You work for a Think Tank and your office is in the coolest building in PGH. Your boss is an animal person and you get paid.


  2. Suan Says:

    Congratulations! hope it’s a keeper.

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