Cat Snatch Fever


First, let’s kill all the humans.

You will recall the tale of how we came to own our Ed, right?  How we found him as a “stray” 6 month old kitten, then several month later our across-the-street neighbors came by with a sob story about his being their cat who they lost.  Who they 1. allowed outside with no supervision 2. made absolutely NO attempt (signs, messages with shelters, nada) to locate 3. had not had neutered and 4. was the offspring of ANOTHER one of their cats that they didn’t spay.  Sound familiar?

Yeah, well the cretins got a new cat.

We started noticing this cat in our yard during the spring.  She is tiny and black, so when I first saw her I freaked out thinking that Barrett had escaped somehow.  She has tags, but she was too fearful to allow me to get close enough to read them.  We began leaving food out so that she’d lose her fear of us.

About a month ago, she finally let me approach her.  She had two tags: a rabies tag from the Animal Rescue League, and a tag with a microchip number.  (So at least we knew she’d come from a shelter and was therefore spayed…this is a big step up for cretin neighbors.)  I called the 800 number on the microchip tag and found out that, yup…cat “belongs” to same Idiot Family.

So I thought, “Ok, she ostensibly has a home. Fine.”  And started leaving her alone.  Except she is ALWAYS outside.  She is always starving hungry looking for food on my porch.  I have no idea if the Idiots make any attempt to care for her, or if they’ve written her off.

Yesterday, I was talking about the cat to a different neighbor (we’ll call her Mabel.)  Mabel said that she encountered Ms. Idiot outside one day and asked whether the cat belonged to them.  Ms. Idiot gave the same sorry lines of bullshit she did about Ed, namely, “Oh, we just can’t keep her in the house, she gets out all the time!”  Mmm-hm.  Now tell me: how have I managed to own cats for 18 goddamn years without EVER having one slip outside by accident?!  Do I possess some kinda special fucking magic?!  No.  I have a BRAIN and EYES in my head and I USE them and I give a shit what becomes of my cats.  There is no fucking rocket science to this.

I’m sure if I tried to talk to them about it, I’d just get shunned/written off as “Dat bitch who stole our kitten.”

So.  I have this cat practically living on my porch now.  I have an email in to the shelter to see if there’s anything that can be done on their end.  (I really don’t want to take her back there, as a black cat during the height of kitten season, she’ll never get adopted.)  I cannot take her.  So I am pleading with everyone out there:

I will happily make this cat “disappear” from the neighborhood if someone would offer to take her in.  I have done (I think) above and beyond my share for the cats of this world.  I know there are people out there within the sound of my typing who have the means and the space in their hearts and homes to accept a new cat.  Stop making excuses and start stepping up, people!!  Pardon my confrontational tone, but I am pissed off beyond the point of niceness by this.

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