The Plot Thickens

After spending some time asking questions, making phone calls, some new shit has come to light regarding yesterday’s post.

Turns out that there is NOT a University-wide hiring freeze, though I believe that my would-be employers are under the impression that there is.  Turns out that the position I’m in line for belonged to one of the 350 people who opted for early retirement last month.

The University is now “reviewing” all of those vacant positions to determine whether or not they are “essential”, or if they can cheap out and get away with not re-staffing them.  So it’s only a hiring freeze on those positions.

I’m not sure if that makes my situation better or worse.  On the one hand, I’d hardly call it essential.  On the other, the pay is a drop in the bucket compared to some of the other newly-vacated positions.

Time will tell.  Meanwhile, I’ll have a Caucasian.

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