Welcome Back, Kafka

And now a Non-Job Non-Update.

The past year+ has been one long hamster wheel of misplaced hopes, false starts, stressful job interviews, demeaning job interviews, rejections, missed opportunities, truly Kafkaesque online applications, and above all, ENNUI.  And I don’t even really want a job very much.  I can’t imagine what I’d feel like if I was one of those career-oriented sickos.  (Though much of the above applies to more than just my employment situation.)

I had one offer in March for a job that sounded pretty good.  Lots of autonomy, interesting work, etc.  But the pay offered was a joke, and they weren’t willing to flex on the schedule.  So I turned it down, and tried to work on fully embracing the “stick it to the Man”/screw your Capitalist ideology/I am a Domestic Engineer mindset.

For the most part, it was working.  But I’d still browse the job ads when I didn’t have anything better to do.

Which leads me to Monday.

This past Monday I had a really good job interview.  Which was strange because I went in not even wanting to be there (as a result of shellshock from a really bad interview the previous week), thinking the job was going to be lame, etc.  But I came out enthused and hopeful, thinking that it would be a fun place to work, and that I’d gotten the job (because they more or less came out and said so during the interview.)  They called me two days afterward to let me know that I was the #1 candidate.

And here’s the part where it’s like they turned the script over to Franz K. for editing….

The job is at a department at the University of Pittsburgh.  (I’m not going to give any more details because I want to cover my ass.)  Days before my interview, the H.R. Nazis informed the department that the University is instigating a hiring freeze, effective immediately and until further notice.  No further information was given.  No one is allowed to hire anyone, and no one knows exactly why, or exactly for how long.

The assumption is that this has to do with the proposed State budget.  Pitt has been panicking for the last year or so, because THE GOVERNMENT OF PENNSYLVANIA ARE EVIL SHITHEADS who gut education funding and public transportation while letting gas companies rape the environment.  Anyway, Pitt’s budget has been circling the drain, and they are frantically trying to stop the bleeding through a series of sudden unannounced cuts in departments, early retirement buyouts, and now, apparently, this hiring freeze.

But the thing is, the 2012 -13 state budget was announced, and the additional major planned cuts to Pitt’s funding didn’t happen.  So what’s the problem?  I begin to suspect a conspiracy.

Not that the PA State Government aren’t evil shitheads, but the University’s continued lack of transparency on any of these matters (the media found out about Pitt’s actions through tips first, official communications only afterward), the refusal to communicate the situation to faculty and staff, makes me believe that the administration is taking advantage of the State budget crisis to further its own plans and correct its own financial missteps, all the while playing the victim card and crying, “It’s all the Governor’s fault!”

My sympathy.  You no longer haz it.

And so, I have a job.  But I’m not allowed to be offered it.

Thus continuing the one-step-forward, three-steps-back cycle of stasis, stagnation, and all-around pointlessness.  Franz would be so proud.




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