Old People Needed!

My friends, I have a problem, and only people who grew up in the 80′s can help!

Nobody makes light-wash jeans anymore!  I keep coming across jeans that claim to be “light rinse”, but the mofos who wrote the descriptions clearly do not hail from the 80′s!  I graduated high school in 1990, goddamn it!  When I say I want light-rinse denim, I want it to be light.  Not medium.  Not “cornflower”.  Not dark with a couple of token faded spots.  LIGHT.

Rant over.  So I’m addicted to Lucky Brand Jeans; they’re virtually the only jeans I’ll wear anymore ever since GAP’s fit/quality took a nosedive.  If they’re on sale, I’ll buy them even though I don’t need them because they’re freakin’ expensive.  So I recently bought a pair that I totally didn’t need because they were marked down to $30 from $99, I had a coupon, and the picture made them look really light.

Light my ass.  I think I need to email someone the ad up there for reference.

Now I’m stuck with these jeans (final clearance, no returns) that are really, really nice….but are the same color as all my other jeans.

So tell me 80′s people:  How does one lighten jeans?

I know I could just throw them in the washer with bleach, but I don’t want them to look spotty.  How can I achieve an overall, more uniform lightening?  Gawd, I wish I had an issue of Teen Beat to tell me how.

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  1. LOUP Says:

    RIT Dye makes something … I used to use it often but I haven’t in a while so it may have changed. “Fast Fade for Jeans” got that worn in comfortable look in one take most times.

    Good luck.

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