As of today, Barrett Benedict has been with us for six months.  His provisional period is over and he is now a full employee!

Alright, “employee” isn’t the right word, but I did joke with him that he was going to have to write up a 6-month evaluation report (or PowerPoint presentation) to send back to Animal Friends.  I imagine it would go something like,

My name is Barrett, but you called me Archie at the shelter, and before that it was Baby, but my name is Barrett.  Thank you for helping me to find a new home.  It is a very good home.  I have a Mum, and a Dad, and Ed and Mr. Gandalf.  Ed and Mr. Gandalf are grey cats.  Ed is my good pal.  He’s really big, and cool, and we play and have lots of fun together.  Mr. Gandalf is grumpy and he doesn’t like me, and he gets to eat whenever he wants and I’m not allowed to pounce on him and I don’t think that’s very fair, but Mum says he’s really old and has the cancer.  I have a good window to watch birds at.  My favorite thing about my home is bed.  I like to play on it, and hide in the covers, and I sleep there and don’t have to sleep outside on a porch like I did before.  I have lots of toys, it’s good.

I won’t try to say that taking Barrett on hasn’t been without a high degree of hassles.  His adjustment period took a while, complicated by his upper respiratory infection.  He does make life rough for Mr. G, and continues to be a nuisance about what he will and won’t eat.  But I think there are more checks in the “Pros” column.  Adding him to the family helped ease some of the grief and guilt at giving up Ciaran.  He brings a new level of energy to the house, and joy, with his playful and loving ways.  Definitely when I watch he and Ed romping around, I know it was a sound decision.

Barrett B, you’re a keeper.  But no Employee of the Month parking space until you stop hassling Gandalf!

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