As those crazy Tumblr kids like to say…

ALL THE FEELS!  ALL of them!!

Oh my gawd, look what I unearthed on YouTube:  The 1988 Amnesty International Human Rights Now concert tour!!  Sweet Jeebus, if you weren’t there in the late 80′s you just don’t know.  This event was my life’s blood!  I had it on VHS and I watched it so many times that it fused with my DNA! (And pretty sure the tape wore out.)  I forced all of my friends to watch it.  Multiple times.  Do a CAT scan of my brain, and you will see this concert.

And now, I shall share it with you over the next few days while I try to think of some genuine content for this blog.

But then who needs content when you have 26 minutes of Sting in 1988?  I am still powerless before this.  This is his lineup with Kenny Kirkland! and Branford Marsalis! and, and….OMG at 4:15…!


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