Squee: The Sequel

jonathan meiburg May 7, 2012 Pittsburgh

There’s something to be said for obsessing over obscure bands/people/interests.  Access is much easier to attain.

First of all, the show was really, really great.  Any and all negatives (cheesy lighting, wonky acoustics, TOTAL LACK OF AIR CIRCULATION) were the fault of the venue, not the band.

Before the start, BW ran into JM in the hallway outside the men’s room, looking for a place to change.  BW being BW, he gave directions.

Shearwater had a bigger lineup for the show than I’d been expecting. The best addition was the “back-up drummer”, who I assume was there to help the main drummer achieve the MASSIVE sounds from Animal Joy.  It worked.  Everything sounded absolutely epic, and JM’s voice was in fine form.

As they were only the opening act for St. Vincent (Yeah, I dunno who that is either.  Some indie-pixie chick.), we didn’t expect a very long show, but St. V was running late, and a honcho from the venue kept lurking out to the corner of the stage to tell Shearwater to keep playing.  Heh.  So we got 3 or so bonus songs out of it, including a sweet cover of R.E.M.’s “These Days.”  Frankly, I’d have been very happy if St. Vincent had come down with a crippling 24-hour intestinal flu at that point.  But alas, was not to be…

After Shearwater wrapped up, we all FLED outside so that we could breathe again.  Stood there chit-chatting a while, and then noticed the guitar player (Mitch Billeaud) walking out, getting into the tour rig, and pulling it around to the back.  BW and I moseyed on over, and there they all were, loading up.  Drummer Danny Reisch was nearest, so we approached him.  What. A. Freaking. Nice. Guy.

Told him that I was a new fan, been listening to their stuff non-stop for 4 months, my whole prepared spiel.  He was really sweet, thanked us, shook hands, griped about the heat in the venue, and then asked if we were going back in to see St. Vincent.

I said, “No, we just came for you guys.”

“Oh my gosh, really?!” He seemed genuinely delighted, and he flagged JM over to us with a, “You’ve gotta meet these guys, they came just to see us!”

So much thanks Danny!  If it weren’t for you, I’d have probably been too chickenshit to approach JM.  :)   JM came over, shook hands, I repeated my spiel, he remembered BW from the hallway, signed my shirt, was very gracious and amiable, and yeah, was paying attention to all the swallows darting in and out of the old Strip District warehouses.

Great bunch of guys.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.


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