Eins, zwei, drei, vier…

The power of kittehs makes even Hitler bearable!

Over the weekend I finished Book 4 (out of 6) of R&FOTTR.  My original intent had been not to stop again until I’d finished the whole book, but Book 4 was a real slog.  It was entirely about the first few years of the war, and it was 300 pages of tanks, battalion numbers, troop movements, and The Russian Front.  I’m kinda interested in military history, but for the most part it’s the social and political facets of history that fascinate me.  Start rattling off numbers of tons of ordnance sunk, and I doze right the hell off.  Which is why it took me an eternity to read this section.  I felt like I was experiencing WWII in real time!

What made it all the more grueling was the total lack of maps.  I find that pretty inconceivable in a book of this scope and subject matter.  Maybe it’s a feature of the time it was published, maybe the original publishers were just too cheap to pay a cartographer, but really — I play D&D — if you’re going to talk to me about military strategy, and fronts, and suchlike, you gotta show me maps.  Or else you gotta be DSuth.

Soooo, right after Der Führer got his ass handed to him in Stalingrad, I took a very short break to read Rosemary’s Baby.

It’s hard to believe I’ve never read it before, what with Evil Children being one of my favorite fiction/horror film genres.  I confess I’ve never seen the movie, either.  Thought about it often, but I really hate Mia Farrow…a lot.

In short: Loved it!  Read it in two days, which is practically a miracle for me anymore.  I think I could have read it in one, if I didn’t have such annoying cats.  :)   Kicking myself for not having read it sooner.  The only downside is that my Third Reich break was so short as a result.

Oh well…only 200ish more pages to go! Forward march.

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