Ho Ho Ho, MoFos!

Ahhh, the holiday is over and Stay-Cation can begin!  I hope you all enjoyed your holiday or non-holiday in whatever ways make you happiest.

If you’re of the Judeo-Christian persuasion, didja get any cool presents?  I sure did.  Excuse my inner 9 year-old, but I like to rattle off my list of Yuletide booty.  I asked everyone to scale back this year, as I can’t return the favor (Unemployment, whoopie!), but we still got an abundance of amazing stuff anyway.  Thanks, everybody.  I’ll put you in my will.

  • Val Lewton DVD collection (me), Star Trek movies Blu-ray set (BW), and Apocalypse Now also on Blu-ray (BW)
  • Super-cute owl pajama bottoms and comfy top from Anthropologie!
  • wine
  • Belgian ale
  • In Cold Blood 1st edition!
  • a Shaun White long-sleeve tee
  • Fat Squirrel Brown Ale imported from WI
  • a humongous bottle of Flying Fox shower gel!
  • more chocolate than I know what to do with, including THIS! OMG!
  • a cute cardigan I first tried on at the Seattle Nordstrom
  • Some ridiculous, crack-like rum balls that our nephew baked
  • and of course….more Shaun White gum.  Heh.  I swear, the invention of that gum has been the biggest gift boon to all of my friends and family.  Not that I mind.  Gum ain’t cheap, y’all!

and some gift cards, etc.  Whew!  So how bout you?

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