Kitty Treat

We caught Puss In Boots (in Imax 3D) over the weekend, and I’m giving it my hearty endorsement.  I hated the Shrek movies, but I loved the Puss in Boots character, and it was getting very good reviews so we gave it a shot.  I can’t remember the last time that I saw an animated film that I enjoyed before this.  Puss In Boots avoids all of the pitfalls that make modern animated movies horrible.

It contains NONE of the following:

  1. Singing!
  2. Product placements
  3. Crude/rude fart jokes
  4. Horrible gender stereotypes
  5. Rapping
  6. Pop-culture references
  7. Horrible ethnic stereotypes
  8. Gratuitous video game tie-ins

What it does have is endearing characters who develop in a naturalistic way, great voice acting, a good old fashioned fairy tale story, and humour that is gentle and not forced.  You will not leave the theater feeling:

  1. Ashamed you just watched that
  2. As if your intelligence has been insulted

Although in general I feel yucky about computer animated movies (sorry, I like drawings) and the overuse of 3D, I have to admit Puss In Boots looked great.  The Sergio Leone landscapes are beautiful and the 3D effects are not obnoxious.

And did I mention how much I love the Puss In Boots character?  Definitely if you love cats, you’ll like this movie.  Its loving observations of their behavior are spot-on.  Whereas most animated flicks about (ewww!) kids have sappy endings that make me roll my eyes, Puss In Boots ended with a reunion between a cat and his human mom that made me shed several tears.  That’s the sort of parenting I want to see movies endorse!!

And finally if you believe, as I do, that within many a small housecat beats the heart of a swashbuckler, you will love Puss In Boots.

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