The Results Are In

Ciaran was the People’s Choice of dog name by a wide margin.  Although it wasn’t really a vote, perhaps everyone’s opinions helped me to see the shortcomings of the other name choices.

As for whether to adopt the dog or not, that decision, too, seemed to be taken out of our hands.  He (and his foster people) came to visit on Monday night and after about 45 minutes of anxiousness at the unfamiliar surroundings, flopped down on our living room rug for belly rubs and played with a toy a little bit.  He had to be coaxed to leave at the end of the visit.  Essentially, he came in the door Kiowa Kosmic and left Ciaran.

We are going to pick him up on Saturday to take advantage of the long weekend.  My house is filling up with boxes of dog supplies (yay, Amazon!) and of course I’m scared to death.  This is a fundamental change and I’m having lots of, “OMG I’m ruining my life!” moments.  But I’m often terrified of positive things (trips to Scotland, for example), that turn out to be all for the best once undertaken.  The hard part is riding out the anxiety until the trip gets underway…once we embark on the voyage and start DOing, the fear dissipates.  I think bringing Ciaran into our home will be similar; life has been the same around here for so long, it’s time for (positive) change lest things get too stagnant.

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