What’s in a Name?

You know why I like having pets?  Because you get to give them names.  (That’s also the only appealing thing about having kids, IMO.  But people keep refusing to let me name their children.  Jerks.)  I love naming things; it allows me to make lists and obsess and nitpick.

Probably getting ahead of ourselves, but things are continuing to go well at the foster home, and if we choose to adopt Kiowa Kosmic after Monday’s visit he will need a new name.  However, I’d rather start on the decision process now than HAVE to decide at the last minute and make a dumb choice.  Naturally, we have lots of options.  Just as naturally, we can see the good and bad in them all.  Help us!

This is not a vote, but I’d like to get some discussion and opinions going.  After the jump are the choices and rationales behind them.

Option 1:  ARTHUR

Why: After Lord Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington.  Victor of Waterloo, butt-kicker of Napoleon, smusher of the French, Hero to the British Nation.  Historical hottie known for his long-nosed profile and suffer-no-fools attitude.  Our boy Arthur got stuff DONE.

Phil and I are both fan-dweebs of this man.  His nickname was “Nosey.”

Cons: None really, except that Kosmic is a wuvvy cuddle-dog, and The Iron Duke clearly was NOT.  Personality/name conflict.

Option 2:  CIARAN

Why: Irish Gaelic name meaning “black.”  We’re Celtic medival-lovin’ wanna be druids, and we love that sort of stuff.    It’s just a damned cool name.  First brought to our attention thanks to the great Irish actor Ciaran Hinds, who played Caesar on ROME.  Oh, it’s pronounced “Keeron”, by the way.

Cons: Having to spell it over the phone to the vet all the time.

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Option 3:  HAMLET

Why: I love Hamlet, the play and the character.  Hamlet was a gentle and sensitive prince with a graceful bearing.  He is almost always dressed in black.  ;) Has been portrayed by great hotties from Sir Ian to Jude Law and my favorite Iain Glen.

The dog matches those qualities.  Something I noticed about Kosmic is he tends to SIGH very dramatically a lot when he is happy.  Quite Shakespearean, no?

Cons: I can’t think of any other than people might think it was wussy. Can you?
Another con is that so many hotties have played Hamlet over the years, I had a hard time deciding on picture to accompany this, so I’m putting them all up.

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there’s one last choice

after Jude….

Option 4:  KLAATU

Why: Being as dog’s current name is Kosmic, we started thinking along a spacey path.  After rejecting “Sagan”, “Hawking”, and “Sarek”, I remembered Klaatu.  For the culturally illiterate among you, Klaatu was the hero-alien of 1951′s The Day The Earth Stood Still.  Klaatu came to warn humans to stop their ecology-destroying, hate-mongering ways.  He brought an ass-kicking robot to back him up. I love Klaatu.

So, space theme, major geek cred, keeps the “K”.

Cons: TOO geek?  Again, spelling it over the phone to the vet.

So there you have it.  The floor is open for discussion, go at it!  Or take it to Facebook.  But we really do want to hear your thoughts.

First person who suggests the name “Blackie” gets their ass kicked by Klaatu’s robot.

6 Responses to “What’s in a Name?”

  1. Kristy Says:

    I’m feeling Ciaran.

  2. Janet Says:

    Oddly, I was only able to come up with evil names. It must be my reaction to dogs. Anyway, I also vote for Ciaran. For the longest time, our vet spelled Kai “Kia” and tried to pronounce it that way as well. They do get it eventually.

  3. tarsier Says:

    “Kia”? OMG, poor thing. ‘Least it wasn’t Hyundai. :) You guys don’t think people will think Ciaran is a female name? It’s awfully close to “Kiera.”

  4. ReeRee Says:

    … I am loving the name Klaatu- – I mean who wouldn’t want a dog named Klaatu ?? ;)

  5. Janet Says:

    Actually, I’ve seen the name “Kieran” before, so I doubt that it would be mixed up with Keira.

    And, to make the Kai story even worse, the one girl at the vet’s office used to say his name “k -EYE- a”. Not even like the car. It just grated on my ears. Ugh.

  6. Wendy Says:

    I would have to go with Klaatu. The Day the Earth Stood Still is one of my fav science-fiction movies. Second choice would be Ciaran. Very cool name.

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