Dog Update

On Aug. 13, the Going Home Greyhounds folks went to the track to select more adoptable dogs.  Our turn on the waiting list had come up, so they were looking for a dog that would meet our wants/needs based on the long coversations we’ve had with the rescue counselors. Their pick was the fellow above.

His racing name was Kiowa Kosmic.  (Kiowa is the owner/breeder’s “brand name.”)  He’s four years old and retired from racing at the end of May this year.

After being neutured and adjusting to his foster home for a week, we were able to go and meet him yesterday.  They did an excellent job dog-shopping!

He is calm, and so very affectionate.  Just really wants to be with people and get hugs.  Greyhounds often have a lot of weird phobias since they’ve led such a sheltered life.  But the foster said he hasn’t been afraid of anything on walks, and he didn’t even react to the Biblical-level thunderstorms we had last week.  He has a low prey drive and is good with the foster family’s cat.  We took him for a walk and he came to heel automatically.

He seems to be a wonderful dog.  I like that he has a white chin, chest, and paws like everyone else in our house.

This week, the foster will be working to teach him how to use stairs.  A week from today, she’ll bring him to our house to meet the cats and see what he thinks of our place.

Such is the news for now.

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