The Summer Wind

2011 has been a year of terrible losses.

Very early Saturday morning July 2, our dear friend Jean passed away.  Jean was the mother of one of our oldest, closest friends, Cheri, and has been a part of BW and my lives since high school.  She was stricken by a sudden, massive stroke late on Thursday.  While we are all reeling from her loss, I am grateful that her passing was swift, and that she did not have to linger or suffer.

Jean was one of the most giving people that I had the pleasure to know.  She treated BW and I like her own children, and in our turn we thought of her as an extra mom.  There were times (like during our wedding planning) when blood relatives were giving us grief, but Jean was ALWAYS in our corner.  She was the best kind of Family…the kind that you choose.

One thing that BW, Jean, and I shared that was a delight to Jean (but a source of irritation to Cheri) was our mutual love of Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack.   BW was constantly burning CDs and DVDs for Jean, and then we’d hear it from Cheri about having to listen to her mom’s Frank all day at home.   On car trips, Cheri would routinely be outvoted on the music options.  Jean in turn would then lord it over Cheri about what better taste BW and I had than Cheri.  :)

That’s a long-winded way of trying to explain how, when I got the phone call from Cheri, the first thing that popped into my mind, and has stayed there more-or-less since was this….

Farewell Jean.  we will miss you more than we can say.

6 Responses to “The Summer Wind”

  1. mom Says:

    Good-bye my friend. All who knew you will miss you. Thank you for being
    a “mom” to Cheryl.

  2. LOUP Says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. *hugs*

  3. serhaex Says:

    Thanks, Cheryl.

  4. Wendy Says:

    Just reading what you had to say I can tell she was a wonderful and much loved woman and there are truly too few of them in this world. So sorry for your loss.

  5. whistler Says:

    Farewell Cheri’s Mom (that’s what I always called her). You actually had the courage to pay me to paint something. I mean, no one would ever do that.

    In the few times that we have spoken over the years you always gave me the impression that you have been keeping tabs of me all along. It never ceased to amaze me.

    Goodspeed Cheri’s Mom..

  6. ReeRee Says:

    … What a beautiful woman ! Sorry for the loss of such a great person , Mother and friend ..

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