Dog Days of Summer

Sorry for the radio silence of late, but there’s truly nothing happening.  The only consuming pursuit around here of late is that we’ve been looking into getting a dog.

*insert gasps of Crazy Cat Friends Here*

I know, I know.  We are not Dog People, we are Cat People.  Always will be.  That’s probably why it’s been taking so long.  But it’s not as if I hate dogs, I just don’t find them as intrinsically loveable as Dog People do.

But at the beginning of summer, I stumbled across a lovely, pre-owned, trained, older dog on Petfinder.  And I began to think, “We could deal with THAT.  A mature dog that we didn’t have to train?  That would be acceptable.”

And really with my unemployment and ample free time, if not now, then when?  We have the time, we have the resources, the only thing that’s not 100% is the motivation.  But we’d be helping an animal, and you never know until you try, right?

However, the process has been pretty slow and arduous so far.

The original dog was adopted before we could even look at her.  For years, though, BW and I have been interested in retired racing greyhound adoption.  We’d read lots of great info on how greyhounds are quiet, cat-like, don’t shed much, etc.  And so gorgeous!

We got in touch with one of the local greyhound rescues (there are 3), and have had two dogs visit our home.  The first was a senior greyhound who’d been living with folks for 5 years but been dumped after a divorce.  She was totally used to house-living and wouldn’t have needed any training.  But we passed on her because we already have one aged pet, and if the dog were to start declining, I can’t deal with two.  In retrospect, that was probably a mistake.

The second dog was 4, and had JUST come off the racetrack.  You have to understand that greyhounds have NO experience with household stuff we all take for granted like…using stairs, understanding what windows are, etc.  It’s one thing to read that, it’s another entirely to actually try to help a frightened 70 lb. dog up and down a set of steep narrow stairs and manage its curiosity about absolutely EVERYthing.

We probably couldn’t deal.  But, we’re still strongly drawn to the greyhounds.  So I’ve contacted one of the other rescues in town;  this one takes dogs from the racetracks and then places them in foster homes with hardcore Dog People for a few weeks, so that people who know what they’re doing get a head-start on acclimatizing the hounds to home life.  Then then dogs are placed in permanent homes.

If that pans out, nothing more will likely materialize on the dog front for a month or so.

Meanwhile, we may go check out a mature mixed hound mutt I just found on Petfinder.  Paws crossed, please!

3 Responses to “Dog Days of Summer”

  1. mom Says:

    I think kitties are better pets. they don’t need attention like dogs.

  2. whistler Says:

    unless it’s oscar.. :)

  3. tarsier Says:

    Or Gandalf. Or Ed. :P

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