This is why: Employment Edition.

THIS is why I’ll probably be unemployed or underemployed for the rest of my days.  Because I when see shit like this in job ads, I don’t know whether to laugh or spit at the pretentious double-speak, the misuse of words, and the way HR fuckers can string together entire sentences that are utterly devoid of meaning.

From a job description for a Web Content Editor (i.e. Update the website and make sure it looks nice and works):

Locates, negotiates and pursues content.

The FUCK?!

I can’t even start with the inanity of this.  Good thing I’ve got Viserys on my team.

2 Responses to “This is why: Employment Edition.”

  1. MrsHdawg Says:

    life, liberty and the pursuit of content? WTF indeed. Viserys is working overtime for you.

  2. ReeRee Says:

    …. HAAAAAA !! Love it !! :)

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