Perving the Dragon

I’ve been enjoying HBO’s Game of Thrones adaptation very much.  I’ve not written a formal review because I think I need to see more episodes to gauge how it all hangs together.  But the cast have overcome all of my doubts; the actors are almost all flawless.

And there is ample hotness to enjoy.  Sean Baby, that’s a given.  But the real breakout star for me has been Harry Lloyd as Viserys “The last dragon” Targaryen.  He has transmuted one of the most vile, reprehensible, repulsive characters in a book series full of vile, reprehensible, repulsive characters, into a smoking little ball of hotness on the screen.  Sheer magic!

Sure, Vissy is still a batshit psycho, but now he’s a HOT batshit psycho.

I seem to be all alone out in left field on this one, but what else is new.  In the off chance that I’m not, and there are some other Viserys-lovers lurking out there who maybe just haven’t come out yet, here’s some screencaps from Episode 4′s delicious “bath time with the dragon” scene.

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  1. Mrs. Hdawg Says:

    Smoking ball of hotness – yes!
    HOT + batshit psycho is my type! It’s good I married out of my type (the psycho part anyway).

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