Happy Blogging to You

Well, at long last my picture galleries are working (file under “Php ruined my life!”), so now that the site is about 75% done, I guess it’s time to get this blog up and running.

I don’t really know how I feel about the whole blogging concept, really. It seems like everyone has a blog, even though no one really does anything very worth writing about. At some point, critical mass will be reached, and we’ll all be so busy READING about the details of other people’s boring mundane lives that we won’t have time to actually live our own. You know?

Anyway, this blog will be a forum for my lame thoughts, my rants about my neighbor Crack Monkey (stay tuned!), and other detritus of my brain. Meanwhile, I hope to have the retro sections of my site up soon. Keep checking back!

2 Responses to “Happy Blogging to You”

  1. whistler Says:

    hey der!! It’s working!!! Glad to see you have joined the few the proud, oh nevermind, I forget what I was gonna say!!

  2. InfamousCow Says:

    Welcome to lameness! Congratulations on your new blog.


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