Chronic obsessive behaviour

To many of you this isn’t news, but some of you may not know how long I’ve been in the Obsessive Fangirl business.  The answer:  A Long-Assed Time.

In 1995 I opened a Jeremy Irons fansite after being frustrated by the lack of J.I. pictures available on the internet.  “I have more pictures than this!” I thought, and so the site was created using my own little OCD hoard of magazine clippings as its core.  It was hosted at Geocities for most of its existence, and I ran it for 10 years! Until finally I got too lazy to convert the whole thing to Web 2.0, Jeremy wasn’t doing much, and better sites by fans MUCH more obsessed than I had sprung up, so I shut it down.

However, just because I’m lazy doesn’t mean that the world should go without my Jeremy Irons picture collection.  I’ve wanted to archive these online for some time, and so here they are.  Unsorted, uncaptioned, but the entire contents of my old site’s image galleries.

Click here or on Jeremy above to view.

If you are a J.I. fan, do take some time to go through these; there are some real jaw-droppers.  In particular, the Donna Karan ads he did circa 2003/4.  Yowsa!

And by the way….for old time’s sake, here’s a little Jeremy news:  He’s starring in a new Showtime series about the Borgias called, The Borgias! Sunday nights!  I watched the first episode, and while the show itself was a little trite, JI is gonna still be hot when he’s 90 years old!  How does he DO that?

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  1. mom Says:

    Wow, what a collection. I too adore this man.

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