Home Archaeology

In the time since my Mother in Law’s death, the family has been trying to clean out Boy Wonder’s parents’ house.   MiL was a hoarder.  Not as bad as some that you’d see on “reality tv,” but bad enough that it’s been an arduous process, and I honestly expect it to go on all summer if not all year.

But there are a few perks to the fact that she never threw anything away.  Going through the closets that used to belong to BW and his siblings, we’re turning up many 80′s treasures.  I’ve put them in the photo album below, and I hope to find more goodies to add.

And yes, I am going to be wearing the HELL out of that Reagan Buster tee!


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  1. Mrs. Hdawg Says:

    That t-shirt deserves a frame. The surfing Einstein is also museum-worthy.

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