Spot the Looney

You guys remember way back when I was an extra on the Russell flick Next 3 Days, and I walked across streets all day and stood 3 FEET away from the man himself?  Good, cause I don’t wanna rehash all that.  :)

Then I was a Bad Fangirl in November and didn’t get out to see the movie, so I had no idea if I’d appeared on screen.

Well now it’s on DVD so I was able to scrutinize it, and yup, I am plainly visible in the shot below.  Can you find me?  :)   Click on the image for a bigger version, and then if you give up, click on the Read More tag to get the answer!

I believe this was one of the earlier takes we did, as I am ahead of Rusty.  As they kept reshooting, I kept positioning myself a few feet back closer to RC, which is how I eventually ended up a few feet behind him.  So, do you give up?

See my blue Crosby cap (on backwards)?  That’s me.  Also clearly (heh) visible is the ‘L’ of my STAAL jersey, and most of my right leg.  If you look over to my immediate right, that white blur is my fellow (much, MUCH more) psycho Crowe fan, Jo.  We met online, then arranged for me to spend the day ‘extra-ing’ with her and her daughter (who isn’t in the shot.)

And there ya have it, I’m immortalized on screen forever with Russell Crowe.  Why couldn’t it have been in LA Confidential?

2 Responses to “Spot the Looney”

  1. paula Says:

    Hey, I had no idea you were an extra! Where was I when this was happening???

  2. ReeRee Says:

    …. Tarsier !!! This is so cool !!! I am happy you made it into a scene with RC….. excellent !!!!! :) AWESOME !!!!! :)

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