Signing Off

I think this will be my last post until we’re back from vacation on Oct. 1. I suppose if I’m really bored at the php conference, I could sneak out and blog something, but otherwise I’m not bringing my laptop and I don’t expect there to be internet connections in remote Newfoundland anyway. (In fact, I think I’d be disappointed if there was a good net connection in remote Newfoundland.)

I’ll be back with plenty of pictures. Have fun while I’m gone!

2 Responses to “Signing Off”

  1. LOUP Says:

    Have lots of fun for me. I will be here ripping down wallpaper and wishing I was up there with yah.

  2. Mark Says:

    I was in Newfoundland over the summer, great place. I was in the “gut” of rural Newfoundland
    too, an island off an island, fogo island! Anyways, hope you are having (or had if u read this when you get back) a good trip! :)

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