TV Casualty: It’s Only a Model

Next on the calendar for the couch potato month of April is Starz’s 10-episode take on the King Arthur tale, Camelot.  Beginning April 1. (Official site.)

Starz was generous with this one.  They had the first episode available for online viewing at the end of Feb., so I watched it.

My verdict: Very pleasantly surprised.

Arthuriana is one of my “things”, since I was maybe 12 or 13.  I think I have seen 90% of all Arthurian movies, TV shows, TV movies, and of course the books.  Gawd, the books!  I’ve read the Welsh source material from 500AD.  I’ve read the arguments for an historical Arthur.  I’ve read…not all, because after a while one just gets discouraged….so very many modern authors’ “retellings”, “deconstructions”, “reimagineings”, “hack jobs” of this mythos I don’t even remember them all.  Except the good ones: The Winter King, Firelord, The Crystal Cave….hell, I’ll even include The Mists of Avalon because it had such an impact on my 15 year-old self.  I even bake with King Arthur flour.

So I judge all new Arthur “product” with a very jaded, and very critical eye.  But I liked what I saw.  The cast is great.  IMO, if you screw up Morgan le Fay, you screw up the whole work (at one point, I planned to name my hypothetical daughter Morgan), but Eva Green may be the best Morgan le Fay ever.  I really like how they are handling her story.  Their take on Merlin seems pretty sound (and J. Fiennnes is not too shabby in the role.)  Toss in James Purefoy as King Lot and the very pretty Jamie Campbell Bower as Arthur and how can you lose?  Sets are nice and grubby and Dark Ages; no sparkly, soft-focus, shiny Excalibur armour here!

Unless this series takes an alarming turn south in the 2nd episode, I’m gonna enjoy the hell out of Camelot.  Thank you Starz, for giving me the medieval soap opera show I’ve always wanted!

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  1. Mrs. Hdawg Says:

    You have been very busy here lately, Ms. Tarsier. I’m thinking about quitting my day job so I can watch these TV shows, especially since I pay for both Starz and HBO but never watch them. Until then, thanks for the recaps!

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