TV Casualty: Winter IS Coming

The best (?) for last?  If not the best, then the most-anticipated, most scrutinized, most likely to either be mind-boggling or fail spectacularly.

Beginning April 17 on HBO, an adaptation of A Game of Thrones, first novel in the continuing A Song of Ice & Fire fantasy book series.  (Official HBO site.) If you are not a geek, you may not grasp how huge this is.  But take it from me; the A Song of Ice & Fire books are hands-down the best fantasy series you are likely to read in this lifetime.

Imagine (DALLAS + the wars of the roses + Dragonlance) – cheesiness = ASOIAF.

With plot points derived from real medieval history, characters in all shades of grey and black, no clear-cut moral center, magic kept to a minimum, murders, incest, and betrayal, ASOIAF is one great, big, sprawling, addictive spider web of books.  In which you can trust no one; least of all the author.  Outcomes are never certain and no character is ever safe.  And there are wolves!

The story is so complex that a many-part tv series is the only way to bring it to film.  And cable would be the only place unafraid to run with the deep current of nastiness that runs through the books.

I’ve seen a lot of the previews, and have barely any quibbles.  And those can all be overlooked because they cast SEAN BABY as my favorite character.

they cast SEAN BABY as my favorite character.

Having not read them in years, I actually thought I was kinda over these books….but then I watch the trailers and….goosebumps and squeeing.  *sigh*

I don’t know if HBO will make it through all of the books, but I’m deeply grateful that they’re willing to try.

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  1. Marci Says:

    I’ve never read the books but the previews on this are killing me – bring it on already, HBO!

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