Sid Needs a Winger

I haven’t even been following hockey since Sid’s been out.  Only linking to this story as an excuse to run this picture again.

In James Neal, has Ray Shero found his winger for Sidney Crosby?

So has Ray Shero finally found a guy that can be consistently productive next to Sidney Crosby?

Neal’s posted 20-plus goals in each of his first three seasons in the NHL and already Penguins fans are salivated at the thought of him playing alongside Crosby. If Neal could put up 20 goals playing next to Brad Richards, who’s to say 35 isn’t in reach next to a healthy Crosby?

I don’t think this Neal dude will be a good Winger.  Too ugly.  Can he do the ballet spins?  Doubt it.  Keep trying, Shero.

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