“This is old-time hockey.”

Well you know what?  FUCK old-time hockey.

361 fighting penalty minutes. In a 60-minute game.

So, anybody out there still want to argue about the noble, time-honored tradition of hockey fights?  How they are an integral part of the game?  How they are a legitimate strategem?  How they are needed for morale?  Watch the three appalling spectacles below and get back to me.  Pay especial attention to the bullshit the announcers are spewing, and if you aren’t revolted, well….I dunno what to say to you.  This is an issue I have already been pissed off about in the past month or so, and now….now the NHL, the Pens, and the Islanders pretty much argue my case for me.  Thanks, assholes.

But…but….fighting is a part of the hockey culture…

Isn’t that the same excuse that gets tossed around to defend Michael Vick?  And slavery?  And female genital mutilation in Africa?  And footbinding?  And Hindu suttee?

If a culture is broken and fucked up, a culture needs to get educated and change.  Don’t ask me to respect institutionalized thuggery and stupidity.

But….but….they started it…

Is this fucking 6th grade?  Doesn’t matter who started it.  It’s the fact that it is condoned by the League and expected by the fans that is at issue here.  A good team would rise above.  Dominate through skills and superior play.  Got nothing to bring to the table?  Fight.

The NHL could stop this shit tomorrow if they wanted to.  And until they do, they can stop their whining about wanting to be taken seriously as a legitimate sport and not a side-show attraction one step up from WCW.

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